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Last day for 2018 season is Monday, Sept. 3

"Mouthwatering goodness awaits those willing to go retrieve it!"
- a quote from a possibly famous person

Raspberry Fritter

CAUTION: Eating of this treat may cause the urge to buy more. Oh, it has five star Yelp reviews, too.

Glazed Donut

Forged in the fires of our finest ovens, bathed in our most delicious liquids and wheat grown in realms beyond the reach of people without cars, the glazed donut makes for a formidible desert.

Maple & Chocolate Bars

Scientists of the highest calibur once decided they were sick of the tyrannise rein of the glazed donut driving them to geneticly design warriors that could stand up to it. Fear of defeat caused them to equip their creation with first-rate weaponry known as "the bar" thus the maple and chocolate bars were born.

Cinnamon Roll

It's like a party in your mouth and no one's invited because you are not a cannibal, unless you are a cannibal in which case don't come to this donut shop.

If your not convinced to come here after reading these donut descriptions, you need mental help and/or you should check out what other people thought.

Sharon Scott - Donut Creator

Why Are You Still Here! You should either be driving to Little Richard's House of Donuts or getting convinced to drive to Little Richard's House of Donuts